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Hi there and thanks for visiting us here at! You will not find a place with better cat food reviews than this. We dig deep, analyze the ingredients, check for recalls, and alert you to anything you need to know. With our deep statistical analysis of ingredients, our reviews are based off of a sophisticated formula so that all brands are held to the same standard. Simply put, the higher the quality of ingredients, the higher rating a brand receives.

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The Problem with Cat Food

People are beginning to find out about the low quality ingredients and poor manufacturing processes for a large number of human foods! But if human food is bad, what could they possibly be making for our pets!? Unfortunately, the standards for pet food is very low with much less oversight from health organizations. This lack of oversight lead to the deadly Melamine pet food recalls of 2007. Unfortunately, many pets died as a result of poorly manufactured pet food. Since that time, there has been very little progress made in improving the standards or oversight of pet food.

Beyond Recalls

The issue goes deeper than recalls. Most pet food companies do not use ingredients best suited for your cat. They use ingredients best suited for their own profits. Low quality ingredients, often lacking in any nutritional value, are being used in cat food. This is a widespread and very common problem. Sure, your cat can survive on just about any commercially produced cat food. But wouldn’t you rather your cat thrive instead?

The Good News!

There is hope! Many cat food manufactures are feeling the pressure. They have heard consumer complaints and are beginning to change their business practices. There is still a long way to go, but thankfully, high quality commercially produced cat food does exist! It is our aim to help you separate the good brands from the bad. We truly hope you find these cat food reviews helpful. Here’s to many healthy years for you and your feline friend!

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