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What Is The Best Cat Food For Your Manx?

What Is The Best Cat Food For Your Manx?

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The Manx is a wonderful and somewhat unusual cat. The first thing that you will notice on most purebred Manx cats is their lack of a tail; mostly. Manx cats come with 4 different tail varieties. Rumpys are completely tailless and are very popular on the cat show circuit; rumpy risers have three vertebrae at the end of their spine; stumpys have up to five vertebrae at the end of the spine and can swing the stub around; and longys have a tail that is longer than 5 vertebrae but still shorter than an average cat’s tail. The Manx is the only breed that is specifically bred to have these rumpy, stumpy tails and it seems to suit them.

Quick Facts About The Manx

The Manx comes in a long hair or short hair variety and can come in many different colors and patterns such as white, black, tortoiseshell, ginger, tuxedo, and many more. Both the long hair and the short hair have double coats which make them soft and luxurious and you will need to brush them once or twice a week to remove dead hair. The Manx is round all around; from rounded ears and eyes to his round rump and head. The Manx is a large and stocky cat, often weighing in at 13lbs or more and has a very solid build, yet he is dexterous enough to open a door and jump to great heights.

Isle Of Man And Tailless Cats

The Manx comes from the Isle of Man, located off the coast of Great Britain. How they got there remains a mystery, though some of the well-known folklore includes stories of ships from the Spanish Armada that wrecked near the island and the cats who swam to shore to mate and create a new breed. And the fact that they have no tails brings stories that range from being late to the Ark when the rains came down and thus getting their tails shut in the Ark door by Noah, to Mama Cats biting the tails off so that humans would not try to steal away their kittens. Being tailless is just a product of genetic mutation that passed down through generations as this breed lived and multiplied on the island.

A Purrrfect Pet

If you choose to share your home with a Manx, you are in for a treat. Not only are they smart, funny, and love to play, the Manx is also gentle and affectionate. When bred in a home that raises the litters and handles them from an early age, the end up with wonderful temperaments that fit into homes with families, children, and even other pets. The Manx loves company and can be rather chatty at times. The Manx is one of the most dog-like of all cats as it loves car rides, will walk on a leash, wants to be near its owner, and can be easy to train.

What Is The Best Cat Food For The Manx?

If you happen to ask yourself, “what is the best cat food for my Manx?” You’re in luck. Knowing what to feed this breed is important because you want to take care of this precious wonder in the best way possible. The best cat food should include fish oils and Omega 3’s as they are important for keeping the thick Manx coat healthy, while taurine is essential for healthy vision and heart. Meat should always be first in the ingredient list, and fiber is good to keep your cat’s digestion running smoothly and to keep weight in check. Some Manx cats can be prone to issues with their spine due to the breeding and this can result in problems with mobility. Be sure to speak with the breeder at length about the health of your Manx. The most important thing you can do for a Manx is to keep her from becoming overweight or obese as this can put pressure on her vertebrae as she ages. A healthy weight will keep her strong and happy.

Best Cat Foods For The Manx

Some of the best cat foods to try with your Manx include:

  • Science Diet Adult Grain Free. This product contains chicken, chicken fat, and chicken meal, all very good ingredients for protein and fats. It also has taurine, fish oil for the Omega’s, and flaxseed which has Omega’s and plenty of fiber. You’ll also see that this brand includes apples, an excellent source of pectin (a water- soluble fiber) and carrots, known to boost the immune system and help promote healthy eyes.
  • Artemis Fresh Mix Weight Management. Chicken and chicken meal are the first two ingredients, which is excellent when it comes to protein. Again, you will find taurine, apples, carrots, and flaxseed. This brand also uses barley as a filler, which supplies healthy nutrients such as fiber and gives your cat sugar level stability.
  • Innova Weight Management Dry. This includes both chicken and turkey right up front, with barley and flaxseed for fiber. Again you see apples, carrots, and taurine, but adding pumpkin is a great choice here as it is quite tasty to cats and seems to aid in healthy digestion, as many cat owners use to help ease stomach or digestion discomfort.
  • Wellness Complete Health Healthy Weight. The usual suspects are all included, such as chicken and chicken meal, barley and flaxseed, but it also cranberries and cranberry fiber, which are high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and fiber and may assist with urinary tract infections and help with dental hygiene by killing certain bacteria. The addition of Glucosamine Hydrochloride is good to see here as this supports joint health, which is essential for the Manx.

You don’t need to feed your Manx a weight management diet if you do not choose to; just be sure that she gets plenty of exercise and you keep her portions controlled to avoid obesity. Look for ingredients as listed above and you’ll be feeding her the perfect blend of what she needs.