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Best Cat Foods For Your Cat’s Food Allergy

Best Cat Foods For Your Cat's Food Allergy

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If your cat is having hard time adjusting to a new food or is getting sick after they eat this could be due to a food allergy. It is fairly common in cats to have intolerances or allergies to certain foods or ingredients present in their foods, just like humans. Behind fleas and inhalant allergies food is the most common allergy in cats and dogs.

If you aren’t sure whether your cat has a food allergy be aware of some of the symptoms that come along with the allergy. Allergies in cats usually result in very itchy skin which can lead to intense scratching and hair loss. An allergen can also cause digestive issues and result in diarrhea or other bowel problems for your animal. If the issue persists year round then it is probably a food allergy and can be treated with changing foods as a steroid treatment doesn’t usually work for food allergies.

In order to find out what exactly is causing the reaction you may consult your veterinarian or you can conduct an elimination diet experiment. This is where you separately take away or replace all the food items that the cat normally eats and after a few days the reaction clears up you know that is where the allergen is originated and you can make a change. Here are some high quality foods that work well for cats with allergies.

Natural Balance

This company has a wet and dry version of their Green Pea and Duck Formula cat food that is top rated for cats with allergies. The ingredient list is full of proteins, which is very important in a cat diet but they are not the proteins we see in most other foods. Their use of pea protein, fish oils and duck gives your cat the proper nutrition from proteins they probably haven’t been experiencing. If they are having reactions based on the proteins in the other foods, this is a great option and quality product. We also have a full Natural Balance cat food review on this site so you can get to know the company thoroughly.


Wysong as a company has committed to being a natural and holistic producer of quality cat foods. Specifically in their Anergen product they have discovered some other proteins that may be good substitutes for the protein your cat is having allergies from. They utilize the use of lamb here instead of some of the common proteins.
The other impressive thing about this food is they have made it a point to steer away from common carbohydrate fillers. They use brown rice and oats and run high numbers of fats and proteins compared to many companies. The Anergen specifically was created as a hypoallergenic for cats and is praised in the veterinary community as the founder of the company is a veterinarian himself.

Royal Canin

If your cat is suffering specifically from digestive issues due to the food allergy Royal Canin may be the best choice for you. They have a few different hypoallergenic options that promote digestive and urinary health. They capitalize on using limited ingredients to reduce the risk of having an allergen in the recipe. They do make a product for cats with weight issues that also helps digestion but the hypoallergenic version is a simpler and safer formula for your cats food allergy. It is available in dry and wet versions and there are a few different protein types to choose from as well.

Other Tips

Some of the most common food allergies are surrounding the proteins in the food. Beef and seafood are very common allergies for your cat to have as well as dairy product. Therefore when you are looking to replace your cats food with something that will let them live comfortably alternate proteins are the key. The companies mentioned above frequently use duck, rabbit and pea proteins instead of the beef or seafood. The simpler the ingredients the better time your cat will have eating.

Another thing to look out for is the additives and fillers used by companies to increase marketability and cut costs. If you see “meat by-products” without a specification of meat this means they could be using any type of animal and it is not going to be the good parts of that animal. Even if it is not a main ingredient the by-product of what your cat is allergic to could still make its way into their food.

While they can cause allergic reactions and are important to notice in most foods color dyes and preservatives have long lasting negative effects on your animals too. Harmful chemicals used as preservatives can do damage to your cats digestive system but can also lead to cancers and other complications after prolonged use. It is best to learn about chemical preservatives and colored dyes and stay away from them on the ingredient list. The look of the food is really only for you anyway, the cat doesn’t care.

Overall, these are the best cat food companies for your cats allergies but they also create high quality products all around. There are ingredients to look out for if your cat is having some reactions but the best way to avoid any allergy issues is to always afford your cat the respect of getting them a high quality product. That alone can change how they are reacting to the food. Then if you are still having problems try an elimination diet so you can find exactly what is causing your poor cat to have a tough time eating. Then you can decide exactly which of these high quality brands you should use. Feel free to consult our reviews on all of these for a more in-depth look at the ingredients.