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By Nature 95% Beef and Liver Cat Food Review

By Nature Cat Food

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Today, there are hundreds of cat food manufacturing companies and brands. This makes it hard for pet owners to decide on which formula or brand is best suited for their pets. Most pet food companies promise nutritional balance for their pet foods, but the ingredients used do not come close to delivering on the promise. That’s why we always perform an ingredients analysis, regardless of a companies biased claims.

The By Nature Cat Food brand is an affiliate company to the Blue Seal Feeds Company. Normally associated with the manufacture of horse feeds, the Blue Seal Feeds Company was started in the mid 1800s. In the beginning, this company only manufactured horse feed. Eventually, it expanded to produce feeds for different animals, including cat and dog food.

The 95% beef & liver cat formula is one of the pet formulas under the By Nature brand. As the name suggests, this cat formula contains 95% of beef and liver to offer a meat protein rich combination for your cat.

Does this pet formula live up to the hype? Find out in this By Nature 95% Beef & Liver Cat Food review.

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Ingredients In By Nature 95% Beef & Liver Cat Food

Beef, beef liver, beef broth, dicalcium phosphate, sun-cured alfalfa meal, salt, flaxseed, carrageenan, guar gum, potassium chloride, choline chloride, iron proteinate, taurine, copper proteinate, zinc proteinate, sodium selenite, manganese proteinate, niacin supplement (vitamin b3), calcium iodate, vitamin e supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin b1), riboflavin supplement (vitamin b2), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6), biotin (vitamin b7), d-calcium pantothenate (vitamin b5), vitamin d2 supplement, folic acid (vitamin b9), vitamin b12 supplement.

All the ingredients in this cat food have been blended to meet the AAFCO nutritional guidelines for cat foods.

Top 5 Ingredients Analysis

Beef – Beef is considered to be a higher quality ingredient. It is an excellent source of animal protein and contains many other nutrients that are very important for a cat to survive and thrive. Since this is not in “meal” form, that means this ingredient still contains all of its moisture content prior to cooking. Once fully cooked, most of this ingredient will have evaporated due to its high moisture content. That means, even when this ingredient is ranked highly, it will usually only provide a small percentage of the overall protein in the food. There is no dismissing this ingredient, though. It is high quality and we are pleased to see it listed.

Beef liver – Some cat owners think they should avoid any type of liver because in high quantities, liver can be toxic to cats. However, in proper quantities this is actually a very safe and nutritious ingredient for most cats. Beef liver is not something most people would find appetizing, but in the wild, cats eat almost every organ of their prey, including livers. It contains a high amount of protein, iron, vitamins, minerals, and many essential nutrients that an obligate carnivore like a cat needs to thrive.

Beef broth – Like other types of broth in cat food, beef broth is used as a flavor enhancer and source of moisture. It is considered to be a better ingredient to use than plain water. While not especially nutritious, your cat will probably appreciate the enhanced flavor and there are no known health risks associated with this ingredient.

Dicalcium phosphate – Dicalcium phosphate (DCP) is a dibasic calcium phosphate formed by a reactive combination of calcium oxide and phosphoric acid. As a dietary supplement, it is commonly used as a source of calcium and phosphorus for both humans and animals. This ingredient is also frequently used as a firming agent and binder to help give the food more structure. While not an especially nutritious ingredient, the risk of adverse health effects due to cats consuming this ingredient appears to be very low.

Sun-cured alfalfa meal – Alfalfa is a rich mineral food that has trace minerals such as zinc, iron, and manganese. It also includes vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as other nutrients that are beneficial to cats such as chlorophyll. The reason this is listed as “sun cured” is because it has been dried naturally by the sun. For the most part, this is just a marketing gimmick.

Additional Ingredients Of Interest In By Nature 95% Beef & Liver Cat Food

Carrageenan – This is an additive extracted from red and purple seaweeds, consisting of a mixture of polysaccharides. It is used as a thickening or emulsifying agent in food products. There is still much research being done on this additive and while it is generally considered safe, there is room for caution as carrageenan has produced intestinal damage and ulcers in some animal studies. If you would like more information about the ongoing research of this ingredient, you may reference this research study.

Flaxseed – Flaxseeds (also called linseeds) are a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3. The seeds come from flax, one of the the oldest fiber crops in the world. It is not only a source of healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber; modern research has found evidence to suggest that flaxseed can also help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. The health risk associated with this ingredient is low and in general, flaxseed is considered to be a beneficial ingredient for cats.

Choline chloride – Like humans and many other species, cats require choline. Almost all commercial pet food blends will contain supplemental choline. This ingredient mostly helps with cell function.

Taurine – Taurine is an essential amino acid that is critical for normal heart muscle function, vision, and reproduction in cats. Since cats are unable to create proper levels of taurine in their body naturally, it must be supplemented in their food. That’s why you’ll see this ingredient listed for so many different cat food blends. For cat foods that contain enough high quality animal based proteins, a taurine supplement may not be needed. However, most cat foods will need to add in additional taurine in the form of a supplement to the food. Even when included as a supplement instead, there is very low to almost zero health risk associated with this ingredient. In fact, a lack of taurine can cause a slew of issues, so it’s very important to make sure your cat is receiving enough taurine in his or her diet.

Allergy Risk In By Nature 95% Beef & Liver

The formula contains none of the main allergy causing ingredients and hence is not associated with a large number of allergic reactions. While all cats are different and may have their own unique allergies or health considerations, in general we believe the allergy risk associated with this blend is very low.

Most Common Allergens Found In Cat Food

Soy, wheat, gluten and corn are the leading allergens in cat food. They are mostly used as fillers in cheaper cat formulas and are of very minimal nutritional benefit in cats. Avoid formulas containing these allergens. Fortunately, By Nature 95% Beef & Liver does not contain these ingredients.


Overall, the By Nature 95% beef and liver formula can be termed as safe for almost all cats. It is rich in protein and other nutrients for overall cat health. While the price may be a deterrent for many cat owners, we believe this blend is worth every penny. It is clearly a significantly above average cat food.

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