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Grain Free Cat Food

Grain Free Cat Food
With advances in scientific research and pet care, there are many pet owners across the United States that have taken cat nutrition to a whole other level. It’s perfectly understandable, considering the information being put out there about commercial cat food brands. While it comes as no surprise to some, many commercial cat food brands out there have been using cheap and extremely unhealthy ingredients in their recipes. They do this in order to reduce costs and gain better profits. As a result, many cats are suffering from many digestive diseases.

With that being said, new scientific research on cat nutrition has also led to the discovery that common grains found in cat food, such as wheat, corn meal, and rice, are not the most ideal component to your feline’s health. All in all, cats are carnivores, and therefore, must have a diet that is heavily based in protein and wholesome meats. As a result, many cat owners have decided to make the switch to grain free cat food.

However, is grain free cat food absolutely necessary? After all, cats have been eating commercial pet food recipes containing these grains for years! Most of them are able to live long and healthy lives without any complications. In fact, a solely meat-based recipe can contain high amounts of phosphorus, which has been linked to kidney disease in cats and even dogs. The amino acids and low phosphorus sources found in grains (and even vegetables), provide your cat with very solid nutritional benefits.

An Allergic Reaction

With that being said, we don’t live in a perfect world; one that is clearly black and white. While it’s true that most cats don’t require a grain free food, there are felines out there that have an allergy to grain. These allergies, just like in humans, can lead to several health complications, such as inflamed skin and itchiness. If you notice that your cat is suffering from some type of allergic reaction, the best course of action is to contact and visit your local veterinarian. They can perform an elimination trial, helping you determine what the cause of your cat’s discomfort may be. This should be your go-to solution if this situation ever arises.

Grain Free Cat Food Recipes

If your cat is suffering from a grain allergy, or you’ve noticed a decline in health when eating grain-based food, let us recommend a great grain free cat food brand for you. One of the most praised brands by cat owners would have to be Purina’s Beyond line of cat food. The team at Purina has developed cat food recipes that give your feline friend all the natural nutrition and essential nutrients needed in a grain free recipe! They contain real fish and poultry as meat/protein sources; an important factor to consider when purchasing any type of cat food on the market. These recipes eliminate the usage of poultry-by-product meals, corn, wheat, and soy products, as well as any artificial coloring or preservatives. All in all, the Purina Beyond line is a grain free cat food brand to consider.

Another grain free cat food brand to consider is Hill’s Science Diet and Ideal Balance recipe lines. These complete and balanced cat foods provide your cat with ingredients that boost a healthy immune system, good vision, and the nourishment needed for a shiny and thick coat.

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