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Natural Cat Food

Natural Cat Food
With all of the advances in scientific research and pet health, it may come to no surprise why so many cat owners have decided to boycott many commercial cat food brands out there. Studies have found that many of these commercial food brands contain fillers and unnatural ingredients that can do a lot of harm to your cat’s health and longevity. This is why so many cat owners have taken action and decided to make the switch to all natural cat food.

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining all natural cat food. First off, and most importantly, are the ingredients that are present in these recipes. Most commercial cat food brands use ingredients that will help them raise profits rather than cat health. The result are ingredients that are extremely low-quality and provide very little nutritional value.

What you as a cat owner must understand is that your feline friend is a carnivore, meaning that meat is the primary source of food they should be ingesting. If you think about it, all of the wild cats out there in the wild are always meat eaters. You never see a lion eating a piece of bamboo! Instead, they hunt gazelle and other animals, in order to get the nutrition they need. On top of that, it seems to work, considering the immense size these creatures can get!

What Makes A Natural Cat Food?

With that being said, meat must be the first ingredient on the list when it comes to choosing natural cat food. This meat also has to be something identifiable; meaning that it can’t be some kind of mystery meat. Look for chicken, lamb, or beef as one of the first ingredients on the listing.

Another quick tip to be aware of deals with the ingredient list. The order of the ingredient list goes in order in abundance, meaning that the first listed item is the majority of the recipe. So if a meat source is the first listed item on the list, that means the recipe is mostly meat, which is a good thing!

Artificial ingredients are something that shouldn’t be present in natural cat food. After all, the words artificial and natural are something that don’t go hand in hand. Many commercial cat food formulas use unsafe and unhealthy flavorings and sweeteners in order to fool your cat into thinking it’s eating something good. If you see any ingredients such as BHA or BHT, make sure to avoid purchasing that item.

Natural Cat Food Brands

Here are some natural cat food brands that make our cut at Cat Food Insider. As a website dedicated to reviewing nearly every cat food brand out there on the market, we have decided that these natural cat food brands are some of the best in the business. In terms of raw diets, we recommend Nature’s Variety, Rad Cat, and Darwin’s Natural Pet Food. The ingredients found in these recipes cannot be understated. They are all natural, rich in nutrients, and delicious for your cat! Blue Buffalo is another brand that we highly praise. The dry and wet food variants of their recipes always contain wholesale and all-natural ingredients. Blue Buffalo is also sold at many common pet stores as well.

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