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Rating Cat Food Brands In Cans

Rating Cat Food Brands In Cans

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For every person who thinks that dry cat food is the way to go, you’ll find a person who swears by canned (or wet) cat food. And vice versa, of course. The debate has been raging for years on which type and texture is best for your cat.

The Wet & Dry Debate

Some say that dry food offers the crunch factor that cats need to keep their teeth clean and strong, but modern research has found that this helps a little, but not as much as originally believed. Dry food is, however, easier to leave out all day if you are away from home for long periods or if you like to let your cat free-feed.

Canned food should not be left out for too long or else it can become spoiled, so leaving it for a free-feeder is not going to work. Canned food provides a good amount of moisture for your cat, which is essential for good digestion and health. This is important for cats who get UTIs or have kidney problems.

So Which One Should You Choose?

The truth is, you should feed your cat the food that is most palatable to him. If he loves his dry food, by all means, keep giving it to him. Just remember that it is extremely important to provide fresh water for him at all times. Canned food is also very beneficial if this is something that he loves to eat. Talk to your vet if you have any concerns as they might have their own suggestion regarding your cat’s health if there are any medical conditions or nutritional needs. Most cats can benefit the most from a mixture of both, so try feeding your kitty a can or a half a can of canned food in place of one of her meals for pure enjoyment and good health.

High Quality Is Important

The most important thing that you can do when it comes to feeding your cat is to be sure you are purchasing high-quality brands that use good ingredients. Stay away from meat by-products which can be just about any type of meat, any type of organ, and any type of product that is not fit for human consumption. Keep the corn and wheat products at a minimum as these can cause allergies and digestive issues in cats who are sensitive them. And above all, go with the ones that have real meat on their ingredient list. Cats are meat eaters through and through and this is the way that they will get their best nutrition ever.

Yes You Can

When it comes to many of the canned varieties that you can find in the grocery store, it seems like the shelves are stocked with product. From Friskies, Sheba, Meow Mix, Fancy Feast, and Whiskas, you have quite a decision to make. Some larger grocery stores will now carry higher end brands like Iams and Purina Beyond. But most of the higher end varieties can be found at pet food stores. But no matter what the brand, it is still vital that you look at the ingredients to determine the best can to try.

Rating Cat Food Brands

When rating cat food brands, we look for those that are free of chemicals, corn, and by-products. Ingredients can vary in brand from one variety to the next so just because one flavor of Fancy Feast gets the thumbs-up, it doesn’t mean that another variety will. For example:

  • Fancy Feast Flaked Fish and Shrimp. This brand can be found in most grocery stores. It does not contain any dyes, by-products, or grains. It has real ocean fish and shrimp as well as vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps protect cells against damage. This is a recommended, nutritious food for your cat.


  • Fancy Feast Flaked Salmon and Ocean Whitefish not only contains wheat gluten (which can cause allergies), but it also contains meat by-products, artificial flavors, and Red 3 an added color. Because of these additions, this would be a product that might not be all right for a cat with sensitive systems or allergies.

Some cat food brands are decent options in a pinch, such as:

  • Whiskas Tender Bites with Beef in Juices, which has zero grains and no artificial colors of flavors. It has plenty of real meat such as chicken, beef, and beef liver, as well as lots of vitamins and minerals like taurine. But it has meat by-products which are questionable as there is no indication of what source they come from. Overall this is a decent offering.


  • Whiskas Tuna Entrée has tuna, but that’s about the only ingredient that has any quality. Soy oil is a main ingredient and can cause digestive sensitivity in some cats. This product has Both BHA & BHT, which are preservatives that have been banned in human foods in many countries due to cancer risks. They are highly controversial in pet foods and therefore would not be recommended for consumption.

The Better Brands

When it comes to rating cat food brands in cans that are high quality, you can’t do much better than some of the following. These are brands and varieties that do not have any allergy-causing ingredients, use only meat and real meat products, and do not include dyes and artificial colors. They also include one or more beneficial vegetables and fruits like apples, cranberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, or blueberries.

There’s so much more to the can than you can imagine. But having the knowledge of what to look for, and what to look out for, can help you make the best informed decision for your feline companion. Eat, live, and be happy.