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Top Rated Cat Food For Your Picky Eater

Top Rated Cat Food For Your Picky Eater

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When you think about the eating habits of dogs, it seems like they’d chow down on anything and everything that comes their way. The scent of any food wafting through the air makes them sniff and drool like a dog you’d see in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. But when you think of a furry feline, you think of a beautiful plate of tasty yummies, an upturned nose, a long stretch and a yawn, and a tail flick as they walk away. Such is the finicky nature of a cat.

Some Will, Some Won’t

Why can’t cats be more like dogs when it comes to food? Believe it or not, some are. There are cats who will eat whatever is set down before them and be satisfied. There are cats who won’t twitch a whisker whether the food is canned or dry; to them it’s all the same. But then there are cats who take a taste and give you the look that says (in no uncertain terms) this is absolutely unacceptable and it is up to you to make it right; right now.

Rule Out Illness

In nature, cats are not picky. They’ll eat whatever they can catch, from mice to bugs. If your cat has become picky, there is usually an underlying reason. Take notice of his behaviors outside of mealtime. Is he lethargic? Does he seem to be acting differently? Does he have loose or hard stools? Any excessive itching? Is he vomiting? Look for any signs that your cat is not acting like his usual self as sickness is a big reason for pickiness at the dinner bowl. Be sure that he gets a checkup with your veterinarian to rule out any cause of illness.

There are several other reasons why your cat might not want to eat that go beyond illness, such as:

  • Food Issues. Just like people, cats are different when it comes to feeding issues. Some like to eat completely alone, others in good company. Some will eat anything, some like certain tastes and flavors. Some eat too much, some don’t eat enough, and even overeaters can be picky!
  • Familiarity. Some cats don’t like it when you switch things up. If you’ve been feeding them one brand and changed to another, this can cause an issue. If you do have to make a change, for whatever reason, always incorporate some of the new food into the old food, gradually increasing amounts so that your cat will get used to the new food slowly.
  • Surroundings. Changes in your home, such as the addition of a new pet or person can affect a cat and cause her to miss meals. Buying her a new food bowl can make her averse to eating as can moving her feeding station to a new location. Even a scary situation that occurred during feeding time (loud noise, etc.) might turn her off from a particular food.
  • Hunger Strike. Yes, even cats can try the limits of your strength. If he really hates what you are feeding him, he might refuse to eat until you find something different. But, cats who go longer than 24 hours without food can get very ill. They can develop a fatty liver syndrome that can be fatal. So, give in just a bit and give him what he likes.

There are a few tips and tricks that you can try to get your picky pet to eat again:

  • Stop Free Feeding. Don’t pour a big bowl of food and let your cat graze all day. If you establish a feeding schedule, your cat will build up an appetite during off-hours and be ready to eat pretty much whatever you put in the bowl by suppertime. Natural hunger can work in your favor!
  • Play and Love. A little bit of play before dinner really helps build up and stimulate the appetite of your kitty. Plus, many cats are social eaters and enjoy eating with you nearby. Try giving your cat some loving interaction such as petting and rubbing first to make him comfortable to eat.
  • Add Some Meat. You can add a few bits of chicken or tuna to your cat’s food to make it more appealing. Even a sprinkle of tuna water is a good way to get her to reinvest her palate into what you offer. Some cats even enjoy a sprinkle of parmesan cheese right out of the green plastic container.
  • Feed What She Likes. Feed your cat what she likes to eat. We know that there are about a million brands out there that say that they are top rated cat foods, but find the ones that have the best nutritional ingredients and let your cat go for it!

Variety and the Top Rated Cat Food

When it comes to variety, there’s more to the meal than chicken. Try a different meat, such as venison or rabbit. If you like the poultry, give turkey or duck a try. And if you really want to get fishy about it, there’s a host of salmon or herring varieties out there. A top rated cat food is one that has no corn products, no artificial colors of flavors, and no artificial preservatives. It is important that if your cat is only going to eat a little at a time, she’s eating the highest quality food you can find. A few good varieties of top rated cat food to try are:

When it comes to your cat’s eating habits, think of him like your child. The more flavors you offer when he’s young, the more expanded his palate will be when he gets older. Finding the right balance might take time, but it’s well worth it.