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Here Is How To Find Your Perfect Cat Match

Here Is How To Find Your Perfect Cat Match

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When deciding to add a new feline friend to your life there are a few different factors you should consider when figuring what type of cat you will fit best with your lifestyle. Breed, age and sex are all variables that change your future cat’s personality. Getting the wrong cat can cause severe issues at home and certainly ruin relationships. This new, living thing is going to be a part of your everyday life, make the right choice for both of you.

Kittens Versus Adult Cats

It seems that most people would want to get a kitten because they are cute but maybe an adult cat would be a better fit for you. Maybe taking care of an adult cat is not conducive to your situation on the other hand. If you are set on a kitten remember that they are going to be higher energy and more work to take care of for awhile. If you are young and have the time to invest in the cat, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are older or have a lifestyle that keeps you busy and away from home a lot you may want to consider an adult cat that has already learned how to function in a home and fend for itself.

There are some other great things about adult cats people skip over when blinded by a bundle of cute kittens. Adult cats have often already had all their shots, are neutered and already litter-box trained. Adult cats usually transition from shelter to home much easier, since they have most likely been there before. Often time adult cats are up for adoption because their former owner has passed away, moved or there was a divorce. There is nothing wrong with these cats and to be honest they are much more happy and loving when back in a home than a kitten might be. Kittens are wonderful, if you have the time and resources to meet their needs. We are just suggesting that there are wonderful things about adult cats that should be kept in mind in your search.

What Breed Of Cat Should You Get?

Picking a breed of cat can be tricky as there are many different breeds but also concerns about breeding specifically. Most new cat owners are hoping that picking a certain breed will gaurantee a certain personality, which is not always true. If a purebred cat is what you are looking for then the best scenario is for the breeder be seasoned and human. They should know the family history and the health of your new kitty. When dealing with a breeder ask to spend time with the mother and the other offspring, this is the best indication of what kind of inherited personality traits you are in for.

A plus of adopting a previously owned cat from a shelter is that there is already established information about the cats health, training and personality. You will have a great idea of what bringing that cat home would be like for you. Getting a mixed breed from a shelter is a smart choice. Breeding purebred cats is a difficult and expensive way to breed and it is difficult to select for personality traits unless this breeder is very knowledgeable. Therefore, adopting a cat that has been previously owned or that the shelter staff have spent time with and understand is a more accurate way to know what your cat’s personality will be like once you get them home. Try not to focus on the personality attached to a breed but more the specific cat you want to spend your time with.

Male Cats Versus Female Cats

Here is a tricky question for your consideration in getting a cat, should you get a male or female cat? Well, the complications with that question actually fall on you and the cats previous experience more than any biological causes. Personalities and behaviors vary based on a cats sex only when they have not been neutered. The personalities tend to be fairly similar between the sexes when they have been neutered, it is when natural biology is in play that you will get different behaviors and tendencies.

For example, the male cat that has not been neutered will feel it necessary to more their territory inside your home, spraying their strong scent on the walls and furniture. The scent is not a good one and it will give the cat a sense of entitlement in the home. When outdoors male cats are much more likely to get in fights with other cats and animals over their territory. This can be dangerous for all the animals involved. However, when the male cats have been neutered they will not have such a fierce interest in their territory or other cats intruding upon it.

Female cats that have not been neutered have been known to spray a bit as well but the real concern here is mating season. Even if you were not aware at the time, you have definitely heard a cat in heat. They spend this time howling loudly and their bodies are doing things they cannot control. If your cat is meant for the outdoors this may not be as annoying and inconvenient but in that same sense she does run the risk of getting pregnant by another outdoor cat you don’t know. Overall, the sex of your cat won’t really change your experience unless they are not neutered.

Hopefully you find the exact cat you are looking for by using our recommendations of spending time with a cat you found in a shelter and really getting to know what kind of personality you will be bringing home. Good luck!