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J.M. Smuckers Cat Food Recall And What That Means For You

J.M. Smuckers Cat Food Recall And What That Means For You

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It has been announced that several cat food brands have issued a recall for some of their products. The company that issued the recall was J.M. Smucker and they included products from 9Lives, EverPet and Special Kitty cat foods. The recall was issued over concerns that the products contain very low levels of Vitamin B1 or Thiamine. This can lead to a deficiency in your cat and you should stop feeding them the food immediately if found on the recall list. It is fairly obvious that the safest way to proceed after a recall is to stop using the affected product but there are serious reasons to stick to that advice.

How The Cat Food Recall Affects Your Cat

With low levels of thiamine found in these foods, the continued use of the brand can lead to a thiamine deficiency, which is much more harmful that it sounds. A thiamine deficiency in cats causes some severe side effects as the vitamin is necessary for your cat to metabolize carbohydrates. This can lead to some obvious physical symptoms such as vomiting, salivation and suppressed appetite. These symptoms can become critical and should be addressed immediately.

Along with some obvious and dangerous physical signs your cat could be suffering from a thiamine deficiency there are links to some neurological symptoms as well. Cats with this deficiency have been known to have a suddenly altered way of walking, curling their necks down, abnormal gait and circling. This can also lead to uncoordination and falls, which have proven very dangerous for an animal that is used to be very agile. In some cases this deficiency as also lead to seizures.

What To Do If Your Cat Food Has Been Recalled

If the cat food product you have been using with your cat is on the recall list you should stop feeding it to them immediately and find an alternative food source for the time being. That made a statement saying you should also call the Smuckers company consumer relations department.

If your cat is suffering from what sounds like a thiamine deficiency you should take them to the vet and voice your concern. If the symptoms have not cleared up by switching the food it may become necessary to treat the condition by adding supplemental thiamine. Veterinarians can administer a shot of the essential nutrient or it can be taken orally in order to speed up the recovery process and get those vitamins back in there. Since most cats are getting their only food source from what you are feeding them in their bowls it can be a process to return them to a level of thiamine that promote proper digestive function.

Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies In Your Cat

In general, nutrient deficiency in cats is largely based on their diet. There are some natural conditions that lead to nutrient deficiencies but mostly stem from the diet. Therefore doing your research on reviewed cat foods that are high quality and specific to your cat’s needs is imperative. Cats need a high protein diet for a general concern but must be able to get all their vitamins and nutrients for proper body function as well. Dietary needs can vary based on breed, health and allergies. Make sure you are treating your cat to proper, high quality diet that allows them to lead a healthy life.

Recalled Cat Food

Here is the issued list of the specific products that fall under the J.M. Smuckers cat food recall. 9Lives, EverPet and Special Kitty are all listed and they are accompanied by their UPC Code Consumer Unit, Lot Number and UPC Case Code. You will also find variation in case size and portion size. We suggest you check carefully and if you have any concerns contact the consumer department at Smuckers and get the full story. We hope that you continue to research hhigh quality cat food and keep your felines happy and healthy.

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