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Dry Cat Food Reviews

Dry Cat Food Reviews

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Dry cat food is used by many cat owners because it is safe, easy to handle, can be beneficial for a cats dental hygiene, and many cats prefer dry cat food over wet food. If you are researching brands to feed your cat, you’ve made it to the right place. All this website is dedicated to is reviewing cat food. This page will list all of the dry cat food reviews we’ve completed so far. The list is growing daily, so check back often!

Before we list the dry cat food reviews that are available, we thought it would be nice to share soem information about dry cat food. If this isn’t of interest to you, feel free to scroll down and you’ll see the list of reviews on several different types of dry cat food. Of course, you can also browse our cat food reviews by these other categories:

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How Is Dry Cat Food Made?

Dry cat food comprises of approximately 8 to 10% moisture and is made using an extrusion process. If you want the full detailed rundown of how this process works, visit the Wikipedia article on the extrusion process. This is only intended to be a very brief version of how the process works.

When using the extrusion process, a number of measured ingredients are put into a large vat and mixed together. All of the ingredients in the large vat are cooked at the same time and blended together. Sometimes, ingredients are added in order to help the mixture bind together. While the binding ingredients are normally not unhealthy, they generally do not provide any nutritional value.

Once the mixture has been cooked, the mixture is forced through an extruder that cuts off little pieces. This is what gives the individual pieces of food their shape. Sometimes, the individual pieces are sprayed with flavorings or some other additives before it is packaged and shipped.

Is Dry Cat Food Better Than Wet Cat Food?

This is a debate that has been going on since commercial cat food hit the market nearly 100 years ago. We do not base our reviews on whether a product is wet or dry. We base our reviews on ingredients only. We also don’t intend to solve the debate. Both wet and dry food has its positives and negatives.

Dry Cat Food

May cat owners like to “free feed” their cats. That is – leave food out for their cat all day long and allow their cat to eat anytime. Some owners like to use wet food in conjunction with dry food, but most dry foods are approved for complete nutrition. Unfortunately, most dry cat food is less nutritious than wet food. Many of the cheaper brands also use fillers like carbohydrates that serve little to no nutritional value to cats. However, the advantage to these fillers is they are cheap to produce, meaning, dry cat food is usually cheaper.

Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food is generally thought of to be healthier by many cat owners. Much of this depends on each individual cat. Some do better on wet food while others digest dry food more efficiently. Also, a cheaply made wet cat food is not going to be more nutritious than dry cat food. Cheap food is typically poor quality whether it’s wet or dry. However, a high quality wet cat food product high in meat protein generally will be more nutritious than a high quality dry cat food brand. Most cats will also prefer to eat wet cat food.

Dry Cat Food Reviews

Here is our current list of dry cat food reviews. There are many brands to review and we are getting to them as fast as we can. New reviews are being added daily, but here’s what we’ve got so far:

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